Kenya Karimikui


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Karimikui Factory is a wet mill located in the foothills of Mt Kenya in Kirinyaga county. It
is part of Rungeto farmer’s co-operative society, serving 500 small holders in the area.
Kirimikui meticulously washes coffees with fresh water from the Nyamindi River located
close to the western perimeter of the factory, followed by sun drying on raised beds.
Many of the farmer’s lots are so small that they are measured by the amount of trees
rather the area of the land. These small lots coupled with the farmers’ dedication to
sorting out over and under ripe cherries by hand creates one of the most vibrant
Kenyan coffees we have had in a long time.



Country / Kenya

Producer / Karimikui

Location / Kirinyaga County

Process / Washed

Variety / SL-34, SL-28

Altitude / 1650 masl


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